Fromm Dog Food Review

Fromm Four-Star Dog Food

If you have a picky pup like mine, then you know how hard it is to find dog food that is both healthy and appetizing. I recommend Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Surf & Turf dry dog food.

The first thing that impressed me was the list of ingredients. The ingredients listed: salmon, duck meal, potatoes, pea flour, sweet potatoes, duck. Sounds like a tasty meal I would eat. I knew my beloved Husky Cody would be getting a delectable doggie feast.

Another thing that differentiated Fromm Four-Star from other dog food is that it is completely grain free. A lot of dog food include grain in their products so they don’t have to put as much of the expensive stuff (protein) in it. Grains have no health value, they are merely filler. Fromm Four-Star has more meat and less ash than the average dog food and an optimum omega fatty acids ratio. Basically my dog would get enough protein and, therefore, energy to play fetch, run with me, and chase unsuspecting neighbor’s children all day and all night long.

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Lastly, I was sold on the cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese? Dogs feel the same way. I know the only way I can get Cody to wolf down his heartworm meds is to wrap it in some Colby Jack. This dog food has real Wisconsin cheese in it. I knew Cody was going to love chowing down.

Cody is a big fan of Fromm Four-Star, and I am glad to be able to feed him something that can both fill his stomach and keep him healthy. I love my baby more than any of the last three boyfriends I’ve had, so I want to make sure that he is getting the best so that he can spend many years cuddling, playing, and destroying my shoes.

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons.


  • High meat, high protein content
  • Low ash, grain-free
  • Tasty flavor, including real Wisconsin cheese
  • Optimum omega fatty acids ratio


  • Availability – not all pet food stores carry it, so you may have to order online

I recommend this nutritious doggie delight to all dog owners – from those who have picky pups to those who want to ensure that their dogs have a healthy meal.

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fromm dog food


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